Actually Enjoy Your Event

Imagine walking into your party, relaxed and well rested.  No days of cleaning, running to countless stores and money wasted on supplies you will never use again.  Get  premium decorations, without buying them, that look simply amazing.  Cloth table linens, a beautiful patio, warm inviting rooms, and unique themes.  All this, for a price  that is less than if you planned it yourself and many  precious hours saved. 

As for the kids---of all ages --- we guarantee their faces will beam with delight.  Now, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy your event.   


Easy and Affordable

More Affordable than if you did it yourself

Because we buy in bulk, reuse premium decor and let creativity reign -- you get a CUSTOM party at a great price.  We make your event effortless and take away all the hours and stress traditionally seen with planning and executing your own party.

Forget hours of cleaning, planning, shopping and hauling.

Tell us what you want, confirm details and YOU ARE DONE!